Collaborators Wanted

I’m looking for artists and illustrators that would like to collaborate.

I have several poems and stories which I’ve created using a method I developed called “Spell Check Poetry” There may be others already doing it and/or doing it better… that is neither here nor there, but I think what they need is some illustrations.

If you are an artist or an illustrator please check out the post in my Spell Check FIction and Writing Categories or hit the Blog tab and read any of the posts with this icon:
Feat Img Template.

Actually, let me make it easier. Here’s a listing of all the posts and pieces that need to be illustrated. I’m looking for a single image to represent the work and maybe also a larger series of images for some of the larger, more “narrative” pieces.

– Lost in Translation Vol 1 Ep 1 “Another Case of the Mondays”
– Lost in Translation Vol 1 Ep 2 “Adios Importance”
– Lost in Translation Vol 1 Ep 3 “The Kids are Alright”
– Lost in Translation Vol 1 Ep 4 “The Seat is in Danger”
– Lost in Translation Vol 1 Ep 5 “The Execution of Segundo”
5 Five Line Stories (Specify which ones you like)

If you think it’s something you can work with fill out the form below
and I’ll get in touch with you.
Be sure to say which piece you’d like to work on most: