Check out the Tweaks to the Blog

I spent all day today working on this blog.
Primary improvements include:

1) I edited a few older posts with some new information

2) I figured out what the “featured image” means for each post and then created some custom images for some of them. For others I just made a general category image. Hopefully it will make the “Blog” portion of the blog a little more interesting… oh yeah you’ll also notice several with “Cool Image Pending” that’s a thing where I could use some collaboration from some artist/ illustrator types… which I will talk about in another post

3) I also created some different headers that you’ll see if you visit my page more than once. They are randomized to show a different one each time you load/ re-load the page
(try it out, why don’t ya?).

4) I’ve also been working on some YouTube Vids. Primarily you’ll see some changes in the videos I already had in posts and a new video in the “Comedy” Section from my Stand Up Show case in NYC last month.

Please leave some comments and feedback to let me know what you think of the new tweaks or the whole blog and it’s content in general.