Back in Action

I’ve been sleeping on my outlets, but I’m back.

If you’ve been missing me, I have good news for you. I’m getting back into the multi-tasking groove. I hate to make bold statements that I will not be able to fulfill so I’ll just keep it simple and say..

I’m getting more active with posting content.

I’m getting all my podcast content into one place at the [sic] Joeks channel on podbean (4 episodes up so far and new(ish) content on track to post soon)

I’m getting back into editing and posting video on Facebook, Instagram Vimeo and Youtube (several great little shorts and such to scope out… not all in one place yet, but I know you love a scavenger hunt…)

I’ve re-activated my Fiverr gigs, so if you need jokes written or punch up for a speech or want a review on some material or full on coaching, I can make that happen to.

I’ll also be launching a Patreon account soon and I have several other things in the works.