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– Comedian
– Musician
– Thinker
– Doer of things

With a dry wit, a penchant for one-liners and a delivery that relishes awkward silence, Mark Miller has been described as a Mad Scientist of Comedy. Though recently transplanted to Queens, his comedy was seeded and germinated in Baltimore. His writing style is simplistically high-brow with a lean towards the absurd as obscure facts merge with kitschy knowledge. Mark has a way of relating to any crowd as he guides them through the predictably unpredictable recesses of this mind delivering unique ideas and sometimes even educating them in the process, especially when it comes to his arsenal of jokes about every former US President… as a pez dispenser.

The past year has seen Mark shoot a web pilot with Mike Rowe and expand his performance territory beyond his roots in Baltimore with shows in NYC, Boston and Connecticut, ultimately making move to Queens, NY, where he nows resides in Ridgewood and is quickly reestablishing himself as a comedian and producer.

In addition to standup, Mark is an improviser, actor, writer and live show producer involved with the Charm City Comedy Project (CCCP) and the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS). As a member of CCCP Mark performs short form improv with “Waiting For Steinberg” and writes and produces a monthly live podcast entitled “A Very Special Episode” wherein old sitcoms of a “Very Special Nature” are given a 2nd life as a new cast of performers does a live reading, while Mark offers live editorial in the form of commentary and a new sound effect track.

As a member of BROS, Mark recently debuted an original interactive Rock Opera he wrote, entitled “Revival,” to sold out crowds in the spring of 2015. Other past involvement with BROS has seen him digital shorts and on stage for numerous original productions including the face melting heavy metal epic entitiled “Grundlehammer.”

Mark is available as a host or featured act at Clubs, Colleges and Special Events of all types. Contact and follow his social media accounts for updates on where to see him next, or if you can’t wait that long, check out the content that is just a few clicks and scrolls away on this very page right now….

You can also call his Dial A Joke Line:
(408) 502 – 6275
…and hear new and interesting voicemail messages whenever he feels like changing them:

Follow @BestMarkMiller on
Twitter, Instagram and Vine

Then there’s Facebook at:

And also youtube… some of which you can also watch here
and Vimeo Too… (different content on each)

I also have podcasts posted on
Soundcloud Podbean
(different content on each of those also)

Here is a playlist of some of my Comedy Performances:

Also check out my Media section for more cool stuff.

Resume/ Credits:

Performed with:

Michael Che, Seaton Smith, Hal Sparks, Joe List, Mike Stork, Justin Hires, Abby Crutchfield,  Brian Bargainier, Alex Hooper, Dax Jordan, Liz Meile, Justin Braylock, Vicor Varnado

Stages/ Venues:
  • NYC –
    The Stand, Broadway Comedy Club, Creek and Cave, Grisly Pear, No Fun Bar, Postmark Cafe, People’s Improv Theatre, EastvilleComedy Club
  • Baltimore/ DC –
    Magoobys, Comedy Factory, the Crown, Zissimos, Wits End, Ottobar, Sidebar, New Deal Cafe, Wonderland Ballroom, Carleighs, Sullys, High Topps, Union Jacks
  • Gilda’s Laugh Fest (Grand Rapids, MI) – ‘14, ‘15
  • Artscape (Baltimore, MD) – ‘14, ‘15
  • Charm City Comedy Fest (Baltimore, MD) – ‘14, ‘15
  • WV Comedy Fest (Bridgeport,WV) – ‘15
  • Charm City Fringe (Baltimore, MD) – ‘14
  • Annapolis Fringe (Annapolis, MD) – ‘14
Writing/ Producing:
  • A Very Special Episode – Live Readings – June ’14 til present
  • A Very Special Episode – Podcast – September ’15 til presen
  • BROS Rock Opera 6-Pack – Rock Opera
    – Revival (2015) …Writer/ Co-Producer
    Horatio Dark’s Between the Lines (podcast)
    S1:E5 The Group Interview Takes a Turn (2015) … Writer
Stage Credits:
  • Grundlehammer 2009
    Baltimore Rock Opera Society
    Featured (Royal Guard) 
  • Grundlehammer 2010
    Baltimore Rock Opera Society
    Featured (Royal Guard) 
  • BROS Double Feature (Amphion) – Summer 2011
    Baltimore Rock Opera Sociey
    Principal (Borzorgmir)
  • Grundlehammer 2014
    Baltimore Rock Opera Society
    Featured (Royal Guard) 
  • Amphion 2016
    Baltimore Rock Opera Society
    Principal (Borzuya)
New Media:
  • June 2016 – Web Series Pilot “Discover This.”
    School of Humans Productions
    Series Regular (“Mark” the video editor)
  • October 2013 beer release promo
    DuClaw Digital Short
    Supporting (A/C Repairman)
  • Numerous Promo and Fundraising Campaign Videos for BROS
  • 1-Day Stand Up Workshop w/ Brad Trackman (2013)
  • 4-Day Stand Up Worshop w/ Mark Unger (2014)
  • 1-Day Hosting Workshop w/ Mike Storck (2015)
  • Gravy For the Brain Intro to Voice Acting Online Course  
  • Baltimore Improv Group Intro to Improv Baltimore, MD
  • Baltimore Improv Group Advanced Improv Baltimore, MD
  • Comedy Pigs Probationary Cast Member Frederick, MD
Improv and Storytelling:
  • Stoop Storytelling Series – Featured story teller for May 2011
  • Potluck (improv troupe) – founder, member and co-director
  • Waiting for Steinberg (improv troupe) – member


12 responses to “Bio/ Resume

  1. Are you the son of Paul Miller of Columbia, MD? If so, I am a long-time friend of your father. He mentioned having a comedian son in NYC. Before COVID, we got together with mutual friends every several months for lunch.

  2. Hey, thought I’d come and check you out after you were so helpful with the gardening advice ‘n all! I’ve done a bit of stand-up myself too! I’ll come back at some point and look over your stuff here a bit more, watch some vids and so on, no time now, not today, very busy over at my place…

    • Thanks Vanessa, I’ll look forward to your future support. I believe you’ll discover that my offerings on my blog are indicative of my ADD’ness and cover a wide swathe of creativity…. or at least, that’s what I believe I’m doing… I might be totally fooling myself.

      I’ll try to give some of your other posts a good look as well. I do wonder what to do with fudge that won’t set.

      • hrmm, not sure if i should reveal my secret…..

        Ah, what the heck…
        When you followed/favortied my blog WordPress sent me an email notifying me of the occassion and as part of the notification it was like “Hey, why don’t you check her/him out too… here’s some links to her/his top stories.” And the fudge headline caught my attention…

        Similar to your gardening problems, I don’t understand much baking or dessert related creation. I love to eat the results and I cook dinners with the best of them (meaing the other men I know) but I leave the sweets to my better half (except for elaborate pie lattice, I’m a wiz with pie lattice… I’m dreaming of one right now)

      • Ah yes, I wondered if it was that after I asked the question! It’s funny because that post has had thousands of views, way more than any other of my posts, and it continues to get lots of views every day even though I wrote it ages ago. It scores well with Google, if people put things like “Why doesn’t my fudge harden” or similar search terms into Google, my post comes high up. I always find this quite fascinating, so when you mentioned the post I was quite surprised because obviously you don’t see my stats!

  3. Hi there. Random question for you. I was watching an old episode of a show called Comedy Shop, and I was wondering if you are the Mark Miller who was on (1980). Just curious, thought you were funny.
    Scott Soden

    • Sadly I am not that Mark Miller. I hope that one day I will be on a tv show that you might see and also think I am funny…

      I will have to find this other Mark Miller and put him into my file of “Mark Millers that aren’t me” which could end up being a new bit for me or something….

      Sorry to disappoint you, but please do keep an eye on me, you might find me funny too.

      • Mark,
        If I have the right Mark Miller, I am a good friend of your father Paul in Columbia.
        He mentioned you and I just wanted to send my regards.


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