In this section you can find links, and clips of past performances, and projects I’ve been involved with:

I ate some hot sauce for the Daily Mail
Check out my 20 minute set:
I was featured in a webseries about the Baltimore Comedy scene at Sidebar:
Podcast Appearances (as of 11/11/15):

Experts of Nothing – “Experts of Politics”
Recorded Live at Magoobys Joke House on 11/05/15

This was a fun Special Edition of the show.


Experts of Nothing – “Experts of the Paranormal”
Recorded Live at Windup Space on 10/12/14

I prepared for this one by binge watching a docu-series on Paranormal and Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena and it paid off when I won.


Experts of Nothing – “Experts of Religion”
Recorded Live at Windup Space on 04/27/14

My second appearance…


An Innocent Looking Bookstore – Ep. 85
Recorded Live at Sidebar on 01/29/14

The men behind AILBS are involved in too many projects (mostly bands) to count, and every year they all come together for Friends Fest. It is a showcase and celebration for all of their endeavors as well as friendship itself. As such, the whole gang does a recording of AILBS with a live audience. Listen in as I contribute a quiz segment wherein I took several quotes by a certain fascist dictator and a certain civil rights leader and run them through my spell check mill to render them unrecognizable in order to ask the panel to ID their origin. I also call out some of my friends for being too drunk and demanding of a sound man a few weeks previously at a Ghostbusters Tribute Night ( way too much to unpack and explaing there… you might just have to roll with it.)


Digression Sessions
Recorded 4/11/13

Mike Moran (@MichaelMoran10) and Josh Kuderna (@BetterRobotJosh) run this conversational Podcast. Also a guest on the show was Kathy Carson (@Kathy_Carson).

This was a lot of fun cause Mike and Kathy are some of my oldest comedy friends. We all met in a BIG improv class 3 years ago and got into standup right around the same time. (although they started sooner).

AILBS - ep. 44An Innocent Looking Bookstore – Ep. 44
Recorded 3/28 Posted 4/3

Show starts with a sketch, where I play a pretentious guy being paid to be homeless. I talk about what happened to MARKITECT and reminisce about those days a bit.

Then I read some of my Spellcheck Poetry and try to defend alt lit.
Later I answer listener questions and introduce a new game I call “Onomatopoeia That Tune”

Listen also, for the Segment liner that I voiced.


Expert of Nothing

Expert of Nothing: Episode 5
July 29th, 2012

This is a very fun show where “contestants” are given a topic ahead of time that they then must relate to a second topic that they are given at random. After which, they field questions from the audience. Round two is similar but the contestants are paired off as an expert and a Debunker. Round three narrows it to two contestants that go head to head.

The contestants are Improvisers, Comedians and Bar Room BS artists from all around Baltimore. Just click the pic to go straight to my episode.

Stoop Story Teller Series:
April 25th, 2011
The theme was Culture Shock.

This is a very popular series in Baltimore that sometimes gets air time on WYPR
They draw in crowds and story tellers from all walks of life and often feature celebritities from the Wire or whatever other TV show is shooting in town that they can court.
I told of my experiences working with an eccentric artist in the middle of the NM Desert.

Please also (obviously) read my blog for writings and ramblings, and look to the sides for upcoming performances.

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