don’t get to go to the movies as often as I’d like, but I sure do like ’em. I can blame my lack of movie attendance on several things but I will point primarily to the fact that i never see any trailers anymore. I barely watch network television and most of my TV watching comes via Hulu and Netflix, which definitely limits the amount of movie trailers which my eyes can take in, so I have no guage on what is coming out, much less on what might be good. If it’s not mentioned in a podcast I’m listening to or having a mega internet blitz campaign or if it’s not something that everyone I know is excited about, then I just plain miss it. Even if there is a movie that I somehow become aware of, I usually don’t catch it in theatres. I don’t know how many times I walk past a redbox and I’m like “What!?! that movie is already out on DVD?”

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