Precious Moments With The Brojan Warrior

Sometimes I like to dress up in a costume and yell at people at Street Festivals…

I, of course, don’t do this allone, I have minions of other Rock Operatives from the Baltimore Rock Opera Society to back me up. But from time to time I get to take center stage.

The Video Below is an example of one such occasion.

Now, that is the original performance. that showcases my secret talent of Hard Core Screaming, the costime is sadly lacking since I’m not wearing my kilt, knee high socks, or curly toed shoes, but I think it’s still a pretty good performance.

and the performance gets even better when you change the soundtrack….

You see, this is one of the first things I ever posted to YouTube and I got to poking around with some of the bells and whistles they offer. One of them is the ability to add a stock song to your video, so just for fun I tried a few out.

I got some fun results.
Here’s the first one with a jazzy sort of Spanish Guitar number:

bear in mind, I didn’t edit anything, I didn’t try to time sync anything, I just picked a song that YouTube had available, and they put it over the video… watch for the part where my fist swinging almost lands on the beat…..

Next I chose a more contemporary song by Stroke 9 and i got this:

Again, I didn’t try to sync this up. It just so happened that the intro matched up and vocals started right when I started gesturing…
It gets a little slow for a bit, but hold out for the chorus.

It’s practically “Dark Side of the Rainbow” part II

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