Lost and Found in Translation – Vol. 1 ep. 4

The Seat is in Danger

Armando does not mix labors with a book.
His serum does not compare.
He disputes the lever tuna.
He lists micro-amps with candor and recounts the story at a funeral.

The Suede queen has necessities within the tuna loop  (it is my impression they dominate her needs!)
“The Soviet Union is in limbo and the Dutch UN offered this quip:

“Story collections may sack the list, but my sugar did quell today… No longer shall I tango with my facial…”

He took a sip of water and then continued…

“Can we restore the manual deemed queer by the appliqué of a sore auto-actualizer?
Can we incorporate the Pork that defected east?…
The function in the east pagoda, per six, has quivered many a saber…
The candy tuna…The neural version… The esteemed programmer…
This seat is disposable!…

I defer to the manual boxcar tuna actualization.!
I despise! and assuage the queer. |
This ability comes with probation, automatically.

The Seat of Desmarcado has hacked the tuna’s idea via the imaging park. I see eastern options in the east demarcating these programs.

Boxcars of tuna actualizations!…
Tuna vests for a seaman!?…

I mean, dandy porn has said adieu to the queer use of programs….”

Suddenly, Clara, the Suede Queen, remembered she had plans to eat at the estate function later that night….

Now the sea is aglow…


I think this story will be continued in the next post.
Just for fun, lets use this as a story starter, post a continuation in the comments section.