Guesting on a Podcast

This Thursday I will be taping an episode of “An Innocent Looking Bookstore” which is my friends’ podcast.It will be posted some time next week.

It’s basically a bunch of nerds and haters sitting around and talking about stuff and it gets as sophomoric or cerebral as the guests make it, so hopefully I’ll make it super awesome and smart, with my awesome and smart comments from my brain.

I’ve spent the last two weeks listening to every episode they’ve ever done, and according to “format” this is what you can expect:

  • a short skit at the top about the employees of a weird bookstore
  • some conversation about some stuff and things that I do… most likely:
    • Comedy
    • Spell Check Writing
    • Improv
    • My Rock Opera Involvement
    • Anything…
  • a commercial for a sponsor of the show, that may or may not really exist
  • conversation about said sponsor
  • some sort of game
    • most likely a variation of D&D that requires us to get out of a bizarre situation
    • or something about Whoopi Goldberg
  • we/I answer questions that you can pose on their FB page. or somewhere else
  • Callouts, wherein we talk about stuff, people and things that annoy us.
  • Plugs…

I’m excited about this. I hope that maybe I can draw some new listeners to the show for them.