Support My Epic Projects!

I want to draw your attention to two epic projects I am involved with….

Both of which are running funding campaigns on

The first is the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS):

BROS is the next evolutionary step in entertainment. We write, produce and perform EPIC Original Rock Operas (4 in the bag so far). We’re all volunteer, but we give the pros a run for their money by pulling in artists and passionate volunteers from all over the Baltimore Metro Region. Throughout my involvment I’ve done  a little bit of everything for BROS, including acting, singing, props, sets and playing in the band We’re trying to raise money to put together a touring show. You really just need watch our video to truly understand what it’s all about. It won’t take long.

If you are a fan of any of the following, you’ll want to contribute:

  • Video Games
  • Metal Music
  • Orchestral Pop
  • Murder Cello
  • Viking Lore
  • Middle Earth
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Musical Theatre
  • Opera
  • Genre Mashups
  • Huge Stage Shows (Flaming Lips, Muse, Rush, KISS)

The Next is 1814 (the Rock Opera)

1814, admittedly, is a very small project compared to BROS, where BROS has a broad misssion, 1814 is much more focused. It’s two great guys who conceptualized a show about the Battle of Baltimore which lead  to the authoring of the poem which would become our (the USA’s) National Anthem.

This show was featured on the CBC (canadian TV) and is seeking funding in order to record a full studio album of the show as we prep for the hot season for this show: The Bi-Centennial Anniversary of the battle itself which inspired the show. So far, I have essentially served as the entire tech dept for this show. Doing Props and Stage Management for the debut performance last fall.

I really want to see both of these shows fully funded…

So please visit these links and give a little to some projects. You won’t Be sorry.

I also encourage you to do some YouTube Searches

There’s is much more to be found on both of these endeavors.