Lost and Found in Translation – Vol. 1 ep. 5 (the Execution of Segundo)

This is one of the most worked over portions of this Spell Check inspired creation. I’ve juxtaposed the lines into a trippy sort of newscast….

I’ll consider this a first “working draft” I think it woud be quite fun to actually shoot it someday.

Episode 5:

[scene is a newscast]

Our top story. The Queen has executed Segundo.
He walked the plank today, amid the riot.

[switch to execution scene]

THE QUEEN: [ominously to Segundo]
“Come use the installation consistent with the hacker. Yes, he dabbled with clips in the SETUP.EXE archive of the  ZIP.
Quiz the escargot… Program the configuration of the sugarbird, the tuna unicorn, and the port defector…”

Did you see the Archive the programmer booked? He disputed the procedurals and installed all the lost components to DOS,

Do you despise the installation tundra? Well the neural tuna intrudes on the menu as we speak…

[Segundo is pushed off a plank into a pool of rabid Neural Tuna Unicorns… Scene returns to the studio

In other news, Ignacio and sons has implemented a huge chicken box deal on their new Menu Principal and apparently the agora of Adeline’s joy has assumed the queen head instead of the program of teens on the Menu.

We take you now to Principal Alavista, as he comes into limbo with your guitar.

[scene switches to the Principal entering a limbo party with a guitar]

Lo, the Premier Queen has a debt hacker and a sea hacker.
She has a baton and Nadir limbo’s with it,
and she is drenched with inferior sequins on her patella.

The presenters are venting on the lost details, and the limbo describes a Titular dispute.

[A huge chicken enters and says]

The list is displayable by Authors so tango with the indecent Queen…

[as the chicken says this the scene starts to get ugly as the Queen approaches as if to start a fight; the scene switches back to the Anchor]

[as the anchor reads his lines and closes out the scene we continue to see the action of limbo party play out in a tiny box to the right of his head]

ANCHOR: [awkwardly]
Well… that’s all we have for today folks. Tune in this evening for these hot stories:

  • There is no “Hey Ninja.”
  • The memento is a huge cliché
  • Nadir describes the lost ape’s little number by Author.
  • and He disputes the huge cliché as a guardian…

[closing theme music plays as the ANCHOR loses his composure and the limbo party fills the full screen again;… The audio from the party comes back and we hear the Queen]

“Agora, by authors, eats disposable and decides if the list is displayable by tundra…”