Lost and Found in Translation – vol.1 ep.3

This is the next installment from a 7 page document that started out as a Spanish Language document. I don’t speak spanish, but using a Spell Checker utility I let my computer decide what it was trying to say and then I tried to decide what my computer was trying to tell me…

The Kids Are Alright:

Opening Argument from moderator :
“Uganda, as a unit, is simple”

a UN rep:
“Your patella extrudes the ultimate version, and permits imported labor to decide on the damage’s . The UN archive detests such chaos. The queue for the toga supply almost sent in the odor programs.”

Disgruntled Citizen 1:
“The pork queen, as usual…sees us as common… You, and the rest of your macho teen labor force are only here for the condo encounter at the UN.”

a UN rep:
“The author of the queen regards us as gusty, so we must compare to-dos…

Disgruntled Citizen 1:
Lo, the queen has secrets and Laguna’s vice is difficult to overthrow.”

Aftermath/ Cliff Hanger:
With recorder in hand, the queen labors. She comprehends the coals, but can she stop the business affair? Can she re- establish the downed eel programs that entrap the jukebox…. ?