5 Five Line Stories

I’m a big fan of Haiku. So for this set, I gave myself a haiku-esque rule.
These are not Haiku but I think the 5 line rule gives them a  nice rhythm.

To Appease the Masses:

Names don’t slide here anymore
She had me for a dime shy of wholesale
Sulk back to the ship in the lake
The DJ in his silk gasped as the kHz lassoed us in
Dogs obey their masters and cats lead us on.

D.A.R.E. the College Years…

The stun of being low on ganja glued Julie’s smile to the inside of her mouth.
Her alpine lady musk slowly arose.
As a kid, she only smiled while dancing jigs.
As an adult, she tried to continue
Sadly, the use of sky ale in the sauce had caused her to miss another cue.

The power of primary elements:

Surely a land laid up with lead will last longer.
For silky aluminum, lush as it was, did not.
Moons and Comets torn asunder
A sad kid was their only hope
Lash us a gun to the fluid source, kiddo.

Bitter Sweet Lawsuit:

A nurse lays nude to skip, snap, and nap.
No snakes will be harmed during this clandestine enema
As John dangles his unit like a slug
At last the union sale is upon us.
No longer will she bare herself as a sad mother of two.

Is that a threat?

Hush you gluts, the zookeeper is silk eyed today,
Near laughter, the debris of this urban upheaval will pass.
We pound and slip in unisex costumes
Just ask the claws of the dead how lousy this is…
The oath of your ax will one day dull, and you will know about sadness.