Lost and Found in Translation – vol.1 ep.2: (Adios Importance – a Spell Check aided story)

Second story derived from a Spanish language tutorial.

Adios importance:
By Mark Miller

He echoed the part of a hacker queer today.
With bold esteem, he limbered his errors.
Common roots made his side possible.
With a perm and no tuxedo, the gargantuan queen stirred the porn completely.

“Limber the errors with no tuxedo sir .“

His editor replied,

“a responsible ninja will demo the quiz for us…”

His author retorted,

O sun, you are no ordinary pedal surfer…”

These statements depressed the installers, the users and the programmers alike, but he could not accept the pesto, it had poor flavor after it’s desalinization…

And so, the Queen was booed as a tuna heretic, and the mere mention debased the date as Simple, Unique and Ponderous.

“Queen, I dare you to buy a sequin raptor, stand in the sun amidst a collection of labors and use the suede cream from your editors editorials.
Disregard your author’s material, as it has despised the addendum of your labors.”