A quick story that spell checker helped me write. (Lost and Found in Translation – vol.1 ep.1)

This is the first part of a 7 page document I have composed from a Spanish Language tutorial I got from work.

I don’t know what it was for initially, but I let Spell Checker try to figure out what it was saying. I then worked around what it gave me to try to make a somewhat coherent narrative.

I’m sure that more will follow (I’ve got 7 pages of this stuff) Please let me know what you think.

*Please note that Spell Checker sometimes picks words that may seem uncouth or politically-incorrect, my rule is to not shy away from such words when it brings them up. I will not consciously choose those words, but if Spell Checker suggests one, I just might go with it… It’s Art Man..
Another Case of the Mondays
by Mark Miller

Booked in advance, the cataloger knew his tuna collection would be shipped with his labors. His programmer urged him to self-actualize with greater frequency, so he visited the sitar web to memorize the space jock software menu and do some parka compressions in the hay before he left, but he still felt uneasy about the new versions.

Bold as a copyright jock, he pureed the distribution network.
Bold as a queen, he paid his penance…

Conducive to a queer with no modifications, his programmer lost his documentation. His associates pureed the cobra tuna into a piquant compensation and part of the cobra had gastro-distributions.

The poor cataloger had no suede vendor programs that night, so it ended at six.

Stay tuned for more