Halloween Hashtags

Here are some Halloween themed Hashtag War Tweets and Other tweeted thoughts from the month of October. For a bit of an explanation you can refer back to a past post.
You’ll notice that some of them are ReTweets of others and I’ve commented on them.

Oct. 6th
(This was actually a series of my own creation… but it didn’t get far)

– Hon Solo
– Rambo-Bright

(I picked this topic up from Patton Oswalt)

– 30 stars who died under 30, 30 years later; where are they now

Oct. 24th

– Franks and Berries
– Beerios
– Crap in Crunch
– Razor Bran

Oct 29th
(Some of these are a bit on the nose)

– Ghostwriter
– Professor X
– Aquaman
–  RT @cristela9: The Bill Collector
– Could be on a team with “the insurance adjuster”
– The Object

Oct. 31st

– those peanut chew things wrapped in wax paper…  No kid I ever knew ever accepted them
– W&W’s
– Hershey Squirts
– Now & Later & A little more after that and then some more
– Reece Witherspoons Cups
– Homemade Brownies… at least by the parents
(At this point I decided I’d just suggest cat treat…)
– Friskies Party Mix
– Purina Whisker Lickens
– Whiskas Temptations
(Back to the puns)
– Almond Pains
– Juicy Farts
– Vicodin & Ikes
– dirty needles
– cheap jawbreakers and a cassette tape of a sermon… Yeah, I’m still mad at that guy.
(There is a story behind this…)

       (may as well throw in some dog treats too)
– Pup-peroni
– Milkbones
– Beggin Strips
(and closing out the category)
– Grandaddys toenail clippings
– I can’t believe it’s not candy, candy substitute

(Not quite a hashtag war, but a fun game nonetheless

– Free Nickelback Tickets
– Creed Karaoke Marathon
– One Direction Live
– Ignorant law enforcement
– Renal medullary carcinoma… sorry, that’s either super serious or super dark
– oh, that’s it?
– keys in sewer
– credit card declined
– tea party republican