A Generational Gap in Time Wasting Social Activity

Everyday I watch and listen…

as dozens of my co-workers of an older generation spend countless moments of their day recounting the big game, or their hunting trip or their grandkids birthday party. They are simply conversing and socializing, but this is time they spend NOT doing their work while on the clock.

I really don’t care what they do, because I know that these people are adults and they get their work done. I don’t begrudge them any of those precious moments of socialization, cause work sucks. The only reason why I bring it up or point it out is because I was told today

“Be careful with your phone, they’re really cracking down on Facebook use.”

My first thought was,

“well, of course, that makes total sense, we’re wasting time on social activities.”

But then I remembered all those people not of my generation that I mentioned in the first paragraph, and I’m super annoyed.


What do we do on Facebook and Twitter and personal email?

Well we talk about the big game we plan and discuss extra curricular activities (like hunting trips or concerts) and we comment on the photos of the party or event we were just at or didn’t make it out to (it might not always be as “wholesome” as a toddlers birthday, but I am of the age that it is a possibility….).

Do you see any differences there between what Generation Y and Millenials are doing versus what Baby Boomers are doing? There really isn’t much, except that they’re socializing in person with their co-workers and we’re doing it online with real friends we chose based on more than place of employment and proximity.

We’re all wasting time and should probably cut it out, but I refuse to be ridiculed and judged for my chosen method of modern time wasting socialization. I’m an adult and I get my work done, and at least I’m quiet when I waste time, which is more than I can say for the member of the “greatest generation” I can currently hear shouting about his last prostate exam from 6 cubicles away.