Hashtag Wars From My Twitter Archives

Comedy Central has a new show called @Midnight  Hosted by Chris Hardwick (@nerdist).  It’s a “panel style” show with three comedians per episode, each “competing” for the best quips and comments on the social media “news” from the week. It’s kinda like “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” for a new generation.

The cool part of it is that you can sort of play along from home via games they post on their Instagram and Twitter Accounts. I’m not much of an Instagrammer, but I’ve been really getting into the Twitter Hashtag Wars.

The basic idea is that they give you a “Hashtag” which is a topic starter that everyone then uses to write as many funny entries for as possible. You can search twitter for what people are saying on that topic as long as they’ve used to the proper Hashtag… I’m not going to try to overexplain it, I’m just gonna cut to the chase.

I’ve spent at least an hour and a half everynight for the past month writing jokes and comments based on the hashtags and topic starters from @Midnight and so it seems a shame to just let them fade off into twitter oblivion (even though that’s kinda the point). Nonetheless, I’ve decided to preserve some of them here on my Blog. I’ll tag all the posts with “Hashtag Wars” among other things and you guys can enjoy my past efforts.

Of course you can get them all live as the come about, along with many many other tweetable thoughts that I have, by following me @BestMarkMiller.