New Year New Commitment…

I don’t think I have anyone hanging on my every word out there, but I do know that there are people that follow my blog…

So, I’d like to first say


My attentiveness and frequency of posting to this thing varies by spurts, it’s more or less a parking lot/ digital museum for things I’m doing and have done, but you never know when something might take off from here, so I want to be more active with adding content.

As the title suggests I’m going to to try to get “posty” more on the regular. I’ve got more Spell-Check Poetry in the pipeline to share as well as some sketches and fiction, so I will hopefully get all that stuff to an acceptable level to share… stay tuned.

Last year I made a concrete commitment to do 100 stand-up sets and I surpassed that goal. This year I’m not going to put numbers on anything but I want to continue performing enough stand-up to remain sane while also creating more content on other platforms, like this blog via the things I’ve already mentioned, but also maybe through a podcast or some live sketch performances and variety shows.

I have lots of things on the horizon and I can’t wait to experience them and share them.

Chicken Noodle,