[sic] Joeks – New Podcast Channel…

Hey friends,

After testing the waters via soundcloud for a while, I finally sprung for an actual real podcast page over at Podbean.

I struggled for a while because the thing about podcasts is that everyone has one, and most of them amount to just people talking, and I want to do more than that…

But the thing about doing more than simply talking is that it takes extra effort and preparation and editing and then… after all that, what if you lose interest?…

I’ve come up with a million ideas for podcasts, but I’ve only really got enough juice to do about 3 episodes per idea… So, what to do, what to do?

[sic] Joeks –  Podcast Network

Podbean Header - sic joeks

I came up with the “[sic] Joeks” heading for an open mic I used to run in Baltimore. As part of promoting that mic I created a Facebook group to make announcements stuff, but right when we were hitting our stride, the venue went under and so I let the group go fallow.

About a year after the mic dissolved, I noticed that I’d been getting membership requests pretty consistently from just normal people, so I decided to just start posting funny content and promoting shows around town and the membership kept growing.

Gradually I got into good graces with some other venues and started hosting stand-up showcase shows under the [sic] Joeks name, which I still do, and will continue to do.

Over time, [sic]  Joeks has become the umbrella title under which I promote most of my comedy ideas and one day, when I need to incoprate as an official business entity, [sic] Joeks will be that entity. For right now it is:

  • A Monthly Stan-Up Showcase at De Kleine Duivel in Baltimore, MD
    (last wednesday of the month)
  • A Facebook Page to share and promote comedy (the above mentioned showcase as well as other shows and artists I like, as well as the below mentioned podcast)

ON the [sic] Joeks network:

You will find any show ideas I am able to see through to completion and first among them is “A Very Special Episode”

Facebook Page Header 2017

I tend to over explain, so I’m just going to post a link to the first episode (again) and let you listen from there…. I had hoped to embed the player here so save you a click, but that function doesn’t seem to be working yet…

I hope you enjoy the episode and all episodes to come.

Please engage with and share the content as is the custom of our age.