Anti-Semitism? – Another Spell Check Creation

Another Installment of Spell Check Assisted Poetry/ Micro Fiction


But before you do, please note:

I like jews, I am not Anti-Semitic.

I write these things by choosing words that my spell checker suggests and then working out from there. I take the piece in the direction the words go. I see most of these as works of absurd humour and exercises in the contextualization of strange word combinations in a way that they (sorta) make sense.

So don’t read too much into it….




I had once thought that dials could omit the dime store Jews,
While mankind dimly hummed its handsome tune,
But alas, mankind is mired like a hick in elk shit
I’ll sweep through the night to gulp the sky
But Luke has an 8 kHz pedal that will do it in a minute and half



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