Mark Miller @ Baltimore Comedy Factory

This is from my Wild Card Round performance for the “Baltimore’s Next Big Thing contest” in May of 2012 at Baltimore Comedy Factory
(warning their site is very annoying won’t take you to any other part of their site unless you sign their mailing list, even if you’re already on it)

I was given 5 minutes during a regular show along with 2 other comics. (i.e. Opener, Feature, Headliner format…. we essentially filled the Feature spot

During the pre-show meeting I thought I had it in the bag, cause of the other two comics, one of them I’d seen and knew he didn’t have better material and the other guy had only been at it for a few months…. Well

I didn’t win. But I think the host liked me best.

If you happen to be a local Baltimore comic, take heed. The only way to win a competition at the Comedy Factory is to have the most people. Or at least with the current rules they use.

I might talk about this more later, but who’s to say.